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Get More Out of your Shed Space

If you are lucky enough to have a shed, it is well worth keepig it organized. Doing so, will ensure that you can find everything you need. It will also reduce the danger of accidents. A surprising number of people get injured each year when something fall off a shelf or when they trip over a spade that has been left out. Or, worse, stand on a rake.

To help you do to exactly that have put together some very helpful tips. Below, is summary of some of the best of them. You will find plenty more, by clicking the link and going to the actual article.

Garden Shed Storage Solutions

The key to keeping a shed organised is setting up a specialist storage solution for each kind of item. For example, a rack that is strong enough for you to hang heavy tools like spades, hoe and rakes from. They are super easy to set up and provided you set them high enough up the wall you can hang all of your long-handled tools up out of the way.

For, other smaller handheld tools a shelf with holes drilled in it that are big enough to accomodate the handle of items like hand trowels, secateurs etc without the tool heads being able to pass through, is ideal. When you are finished with each item, wipe them down, turn it upside down and put the handle in the hole. You can store a lot of small tools using this approach and you will easily be able to find each item.

Create a potting up area

If you grow your own plants. Setting up a potting up table inside your shed or, in warmer climates, outside is a good idea.

You can use an old door or piece of reclaimed timber to create a potting up table. Use some boards to create two or there compartments under the table. This gives you space to keep your pots tidy. Somewhere for your soil and maybe a place to store your plant food and items like root powder. If you do choose to store these items outside, be sure to put them in a container that will protect them from the damp. That way no mould can get in. If you live in an area where petty crime is an issue consider fitting a lockable door to each compartment.