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Pheromone Attraction in Perfumes

Are you looking for the best pheromone enhanced perfume on the market today? Many women these days are looking for that extra kick to increase their sexual attraction among men. They often have known that an effective strategy consists of a pheromone enhanced perfume to do the trick.

The attraction has never been a more important aspect in a woman’s life and understanding the chemistry between two people and how they react to each other plays an important aspect in the art of dating and effective interaction to increase intimacy and release an sexual tension between couples.

Here are some examples of a pheromone enhanced perfume:

Max Attraction Silk

This is a great pheromone enhanced perfume that delivers optimal results of attraction among men. Many women often use this pheromone scent to increase their levels of intimacy and attraction. The reaction that they get from men is quite phenomenal to consider.


Copulins are female pheromones that women give off. Men find copulins quite exhilarating to their senses and it simply drives men simply mad for women. There is something about a woman wearing a copulin pheromone that actually makes a man more satisfied being around her.

The scent of Eros for women

This is another pheromone enhanced perfume that causes quite a stir among societies men. It often creates a feeling of desire, attraction and an overall sense of increased affection when it is around the senses of men, or the man of your dreams for that matter. No matter how you feel in life, you can never have enough attraction in your life. Women love to create a world that has a little fantasy and delight about it.

It’s no wonder why they find pheromone enhanced perfumes to work so well for them while dating others. Its use has gained quite a reputation to work in ways that are often most intriguing to consider.

How These Pheromones Work

Pheromones are chemicals which are picked up by the VMO, or an organ within the nose which sends a signal to the hypothalamus gland in the brain triggering an emotional response to that specific pheromone. Each and every different pheromone triggers a different reaction in people of the opposite sex, from masculinity to calmness. Depending on what kind of reaction you are looking for, you may choose different pheromones to do the trick.  Check out the best pheromone colognes at


Before using pheromone colognes, I was honestly not at all successful with the ladies. I tried it one night at the club, and women just treated me noticeably different, and the only thing different about me was that I had put on Pheroline pheromone cologne. Learn more at